New Nail Length and Mixed Up Nails!

I changed my nail length more then the shape. I just rounded them a little more. It’s an easier length for me, easier to have. I like it. For me I think maintaining and not just letting them grow will be a little bit of a challenge.
Anyway, this is Julep Bess. Which is a beautiful blue. I loved the color. The formula was thick, and a combination of that and me being somewhat lazy caused some bubbling. And excuse the lack of clean-up in the pic.

Then I wanted to add something, and I experimented with my striping tape. I loved it. I used Julep Char which is an awesome purple-y blue. It is a thicker formula, like Bess.

Then the next day I got bored and wanted to add something. So I took an unnamed polish from Daily Lacquer (check out her Facebook and .com shop). I love the bright green and pink glitters, and there are little blue one too. There are some hearts too (left pic). I like me some glitter bomb.

Then I didn’t want to change my nails, but it was my aunt’s 22 birthday dinner. So I added a cupcake. Not a very good one… But a cupcake. Forgot to use Char, and used OPI Eurso Euro, which is similar but a little darker. Top is with China Glaze It’s A Trap-eze. Which I freaking love. I also added a little blue star (which you can’t really see) from a little wheel thing from Claire’s. And then weird purple discoloration is from my dying my hair purple without gloves on.



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