Happy Fourth of July!

First of all, Happy 4th of July! I hope you had a fun day. If you aren’t in the States, hope you still had a good day.

I did a different design on each finger, and my left and right hands are different. They’re kind of everywhere, but I feel very…. Patriotic. I used Orly White Tips, Julep Delaunay, and Essie Butler Please.
Left hand…

Flag on my thumb. Done with striping tape. I added three little outline stars on the blue part. My pointer is a red-white-to blue gradient. Middle finger is done diagonally with one side blue, with six little stars. Then red and white striped horizontally across my nail. Ring finger, I don’t really know what the design is, but I really like it. By the time I got to my pinkie it was super hot in my room; I just did a blue border.

Please excuse my awful right hand pose.

I did a reverse/inverse gradient on my thumb, which looks awesome, if I must say. Pointer finger is the same design as my left ring finger. Middle is…. Block Brick things. Ring finger is triangle-y… Pinkie is red bordered.

I like these. When I was out today I had multiple people compliment them, and asked me if I did them. I had a whole mini conversation with someone about how I’m hoping to go to beauty school.


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