Sugar Coat- Razzleberry

I love these Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes. I have one other one, Bubble Plum, which was my first blog post. I want MORE.
The application was kind of difficult. The polish is gritty when you put it on so it’s hard, for me at least, to apply it evenly. And then the first coat dried weirdly. The second coat is odd, to apply because the texture is there and meh. To be honest I almost did not like it for the first- half hour or so.
But I really love the color, and it matches my sweat pants. The texture grew on me. I just realized it is softer, but similar to the texture of the dish scrub sponges.Yeah, random.

In the sun. I really LOVE this blue.

Texture is fun. Even if you’re my mom and think it feels gross, or my cousins who spent about ten minutes apiece petting it, texture is fun. Top side pic is in the shade, bottom is in full sun.

Also- the combination of blue, and texture makes this SO hard to clean up. I dread the stains once I finally take this off. I haven’t yet, partly for that reason.


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