Zoya Yana and Liberty

This was my first -non pixie dust- Zoya. I freaking love Yana. I admit I bought it purely for the Doctor Who reference (YANA, you are not alone) but it is so pretty. It was also super shiny, even before I top coated. Then on my ring finger I just used some striping tape and did some diamonds with Zoya Liberty. I am so proud of these diamonds. I usually count on topcoat to perfect anything with nail tape. But with texture you can’t do that, and my diamonds turned out nearly perfect, I think.


Then a few days (yes, days I loved this mani) later I added a regular and half moon gradient, Saran Wrap, and my first tribal/Aztec design. I liked my texture gradients with Liberty, but my Saran Wrap turned out wonky.



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