With renewed vigor.

I am so sorry.
If anyone actually follows this blog, I am sorry. I have trouble coming up with things to write about, and then there’s the actual typing up and posting. I have decided to start up again, because I am starting many things this month. So why not add this as well.
Last month I got my first job, officially, as it has actually been working for three months. A little bit later I got my first paycheck, and got my backpay. With the first paycheck, I also got my first bank account. Which I am not good at. Around when the getting of the job occurred, I also got some GED study workbooks, for the test I need to take sometime within the next year. Most recently I signed up for two courses online (with the money from that first paycheck). They are the Dare, Dream, Do and the Radical Self Love Bible courses from Gala Darling. So I’m doing those this month, as well as studying, and working mostly weekends. Also it is Camp NaNoWriMo, which is a writing thing that I’ve been doing for years.
I want to try to come up with a schedule for posting. Right now I’m thinking my subscription boxes I’ll post about on Monday. And a weekly mani recap, every Wednesday. And if I ever go out and do anything worth blogging about in my actual life I could post that on Friday. Or maybe I’ll post nerdy things.


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