Birchbox Haul

So I got some things from Birchbox, all new to me.

First the Marvis Whitening toothpaste. I like the mint flavor of it, it’s different from other toothpastes I’ve tried, but not bad in any way. I can’t comment on its whitening abilities yet though.
Then, I got Control Corrective’s Salicylic Wash. I got a sample of, then bought their Oil Free Healing Lotion, which I love. I really wanted an acne product, and I haven’t had much luck with drugstore items in the past. So I got this because I know and like the brand. I like it so far, but you’re supposed to wait a couple weeks to see how a products actually works for your skin.
Then I got two different shampoos. First a Hayadi Peppermint Tea Tree Cleanse, and it’s great. The smell is amazing. It doesn’t lather very much, and some people say that when a shampoo doesn’t lather they don’t feel like it cleans their hair. I don’t agree. My hair and my scalp feel really clean after using this. My hair is dyed bright red (Punky Colors ‘Vermillion Red’) and it didn’t wash out any of my color. I don’t think it weighed down my hair any, and I was able to almost get a comb through my hair. My hair is almost impossible to brush/comb dry, let alone wet, so almost being able to get a comb all the way through my hair is kind of mind blowing. I went three days before I wanted to wash my hair after using this. My hair wasn’t even feeling that dirty or anything.
The second shampoo I got, is Acure Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell. This one is pretty good too. It smells really nice, and it doesn’t lather very much. It did wash out my red, much more than I was expecting. It washed out enough that my mom noticed, and usually she doesn’t pay attention to my hair. But my hair felt clean. I think it did weigh down my hair just a bit.


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