Julep Maven July 2014 Box

I just got my July Maven box, I like all of them. I am an ‘It Girl’ so I get three polishes, rather than two polishes and a beauty product like their other style profiles.


My first polish is Linden. It’s described by Julep as a “pool blue creme”. It is a bit darker then what you picture with the description of a pool blue, at least I thought so.


Secondly, I give you Dawn. It’s described as just a “citron creme”. I’m not 100% about what citron is supposed to be, but I definitely think it’s a lemon-y yellow.

I used Linden and Dawn over a Sally Hansen white to do a gradient, so I could actually post more about the colors.

Dawn is actually pretty good in terms of opaqueness. Sometimes you don’t get immediate color from yellows, especially in gradients, but I got a good amount when it was stamped. Linden went on really well as well. I think they both a nearly one coaters.

The last ‘It Girl’ polish is Braiden. First I love the name of this one, and it’s a Stardust Finish, which is Julep’s textured polishes. Julep says it’s a “graphite stardust” which I agree with.


I also got Beverly added on, because me and my mom both love these kind of colors. It’s a “boysenberry creme” and I like it.


I used Braiden and Beverly for my moms nails, initially she wanted art, but decided this was enough.

20140707-184708-67628733.jpg I top coated Braiden, but this is a comparison-ish pic of two coats of each polish before (left) and after (right) top coating.


I think all four are really nice. Formula wise, they’re all good. Beverly went on a bit patchy in the first coat, but evened out more in the second.


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