Surf’s Up VoxBox

I’ve been signed up for Influenster for a while, and got my first box a few weeks ago. If you don’t know, Influenster sends out VoxBoxes, with complimentary items for testing and review. I got the Surf’s Up VoxBox, which included four products and a coupon for a fifth. 20140704-091200-33120213.jpg

These are the coupons, for a free Jamba Juice All Natural Smoothie Kit, and the second is for a dollar off of a smoothie kit. I have not used them, yet. 20140704-091204-33124069.jpg

This is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun. It has ribbons of gel and lotion and looks really cool in the bottle. There is the coconut papaya scent and it is very definitely there, it’s not overwhelming or bad, but it’s strong. I finally used it, and it’s great. It does leave your skin feeling a bit sticky for a little bit as it soaks into your skin. I didn’t really have a problem with that, but it definitely surprised me. The hydrated/moisturized feel lasted all day. 20140704-091202-33122851.jpg

And then there is this First Aid Shot Therapy, a liquid pain relief drinkable shot. It’s supposed to be a berry flavor, but I’ve never had one of these shots taste ‘good’. This one is better than other shot things, I was able to drink it all. When I tried it I had minor, all over, little body aches. I remember it was about seven minutes, my body stopped hurting everywhere. It was really awesome. It just incrementally lowered the ache until I didn’t feel it. 20140704-091201-33121640.jpg

Then I got Covergirl’s Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara. I freaking love this stuff. I’ve worn this stuff so many times. The first step is the curling, volumising coat of mascara. It works so well. The second step is the black defining coat. Honestly I don’t think the second step is needed. After the first few days it started clumping my lashes, really badly. I don’t like majorly clumpy lashes, so I usually stop with step one. I think it does everything. It curls, lengthens, volumizes. 20140704-091206-33126942.jpg

Finally I got Sinful Colors Burning Bright. It’s an awesome polish. I love the color, I think it’s a perfect blue. It’s nearly a one coater. Actually it probably is, I just always do a second coat anyways. 20140704-091205-33125419.jpg

Sun shot. 20140704-091207-33127977.jpg

Bottle shot. Which I don’t really do. 20140704-091211-33131257.jpg

And in the shade, because why not. 20140704-091209-33129337.jpg


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