This weeks nails…

So I tried Rosary from my July Birchbox. I think it’s an awesome polish. It’s my second Ruffian polish, and I love the both of them. It definitely counts as a one coater, it has great opacity. I still did two coats… Because I do that. It does show brush strokes, so if you don’t like visible brush strokes you probably would not like Rosary very much. I don’t mind brush strokes, I think they’re cool.
Rosary in the shade.


Rosary in full sun.


Rosary in weird shade + reflected sunlight that I thought looked really kinda cool.


And my first ever butterfly wing nail art attempt! I would have done a gradient, because I think they look amazing as the butterfly wing, but the Ruby Wing polish (Peony) I used is color changing and I didn’t want to it that in a gradient. Over Peony I did a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.
In the shade.

And Peony in the sun.


What should I actually call these posts? Titling them “this weeks nails” isn’t very fun. Especially week after week.


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