This weeks nails…

I spaced out and bit my nails to hell. They are so short now. I’m now in the Super Nub Club…

I also dyed my hair, and didn’t have gloves. So I got a little stained.

Then I painted my nails to match my hair because I’m a loser like that. Two coats of Julep Nellie, topped with their Oxygen Performance Top Coat.

And Nellie in the shade.


Then, I finally tried my one and only Covergirl nail polish. It’s Toasted Almond, and I love it. It’s patchy on the first coat, but evens out in the second. I was going to to a gold glitter gradient, but it just looked so warm on its own, and I didn’t. I also didn’t topcoat. Partly because I intended to add stuff. Partly because I’m lazy and it has a super glossy finish anyway.

Toasted Almond in the shade.



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