August’s Wantable Accessories Box 2014

So a few months ago (when I wasn’t regularly blogging) I got Wantable’s makeup box, and I really liked it. First though, if you don’t know know Wantable, from their site,

We create unique customer profiles by asking customers a series of product and personality questions. We then use this data to introduce customers to assortments of products perfectly suited to their personal taste.

They are a monthly subscription service that has three different types of boxes. They have a Makeup Collection, Accessories Collection, and an Intimates Collection. For a subscription, the makeup and accessories boxes are $36 a month, and it’s $40 for a single box. I don’t know about the intimates box, but I would assume it’s the same price.
I really liked the makeup box I got, so I wanted to try the accessories one, even though I can’t really afford buying either of the boxes regularly.

First I got this really pretty necklace. It’s from Ettika, and I really like it. Its really simple, and cute. I like the faceted beads, also the word ‘faceted’ but anyway.




Then I got this awesome elephant bracelet. Honestly I’ve worn this every day since I got the box. It says it’s a Minka bracelet. I love it, I think it’s awesome. I really like elephants, for some reason, I think they’re really cool.




Then I got four pairs of earrings.
I have a pair similar to these gold triangles, which I don’t mind because I still think they’re awesome. They’re Allison earrings, I don’t know *shrug* I like them. I like the pale stones, they seem slightly opalescent to me.

And then these earrings are from Cece. I love the hamsa symbol, and these are so pretty. And I like the femininity of the peach-y studs. They’re soft and simple, and pretty.



Okay, so this Β box is $36, which is on the higher end of subscription boxes. I don’t plan on getting this box regularly, because I can not afford it, at all. But they do give you great accessories, I think they really fit me. Their quiz is great for that, I seriously like very much everything I got. And it is worth the $36.

The Ettika necklace is $45, which pays for the box alone.

The Allison and Cece earrings, and the Minka bracelet are all $12. Which, again, pays for the box.




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