August Julep Maven Box 2014

I chose the Classic with a Twist beauty profile this month. So I got two polishes, Katie and Avni, and an Eye Glider. I also added on three polishes, and got a free item.

First, Katie an “orchid iridescent chrome” is super pretty. I love the chrome of it.


Then Avni, which my mom called dibs on for her next mani, is described as an “African violet shimmer”. I like how bright it is. I think it’s awesome. Me and my mom both love colors like Avni and Katie.


My first add-on, which I think is freaking gorgeous, is India. Described as a “freshwater blue shimmer”. I just love it.


My second add-on is Tazeen. I think it looks amazing, “a full-coverage Bollywood gold glitter”. It’s a more yellow gold then I’m used to lately, but it is still gold, and sparkly!!


Then, because I love surprises, I added on a mystery polish. I got Kyla! It’s described as a “coral orange glitter,” but I don’t see coral in it. It looks gorgeous. The glitter it it is amazing. Even my mom said so, and she hates orange.


I got a free item because I got three add-ons. And I got their Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer. Which is pretty cool, but I don’t wear much eyeshadow.


And then I was super excited to try out, the Gel Eye Glider, in Smokey Taupe Shimmer.


Swatches of both. Bottom half is with the eye primer… Blended in or whatever.


When I tried the Eye Glider for the first time. I love it, I think it’s a great color. I’ve got black, and this isn’t really brown. And it’s not a color like green or blue, which are fun but it’s good to have neutrals. I feel like I still have to work on letting eyeliners set. I’m used to regular pencils, but started using other formulas that are sooo much better. But they all need to set. Which is confusing, and mega easy to forget.


I loved this months box.


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