September Julep Maven Box 2014

So I got my September Julep box, and the this month is the Art Walk Collection. I got the It Girl Box, and also got some add-ons.

Okay, first I got Fifi, It’s described as “tea time pink creme”. It’s a very, very pale pink. It’s super gentle and looks kind of like it should be for a stereotypical “It’s a girl!” baby shower.

Next is Mahima, described as an “amber gold creme”. I’m not certain if amber and gold are considered similar colors, but it seems very gold to me. I really like the look of it, and I think it is really pretty.


The third It Girl polish is Ryan. It’s described as an “overcast teal satin”. It’s a green leaning teal, at least in the bottle. I like how overcast is used in its description, because I think it fits.


I added on the Bombshell box, and Kirby is the first polish. On the Julep site it’s description is “silver jagged glitter topcoat”. I think it’s freaking gorgeous. So I’m freaking excited.


The second Bombshell polish is Eliana, a “soft denim creme”. I have to admit I have several similar blue shades. But they’re all a bit different, and I love these blues! I just love them.


Okay I added on a mystery polish, and I also got a free add-on. I have no idea which this one, Candace, is. But isn’t she pretty? It’s described as a “golden chocolate microglitter”. Which is pretty apt, actually. I think it looks so cool.


Then we have Winona. Which is super fun to say, I kept saying Winona when I got my box. It is described as “buff greige creme”. Is ‘greige’ suppose to be ‘grey’ and ‘beige’? Because I don’t really know that word. I really like colors like this one.


Finally, we have Daria, a “dark slate grey creme”. I think this one is really nice. I don’t wear grey on my nails very often though. Sidenote: I don’t know which of these last three is my mystery polish or my free add-on. I also don’t know why I have three of them.


And now the Plush Pout Lip Crayon in Aurora Pink Creme. I did add this on to my box. I freaking love lip products. I think these are pretty good. I really like the moisturizing core, it works really well. The shade is really nice, it’s a little brighter than I expected, but I don’t really care. My only thing with this is that the color only lasted a few hours. I felt like the hydration from the core lasted longer than the color did. That surprised me.


I really loved this box. I got eight polishes and a lip product, so that’s awesome. But I was supposed to get a second Plush Pout Lip Crayon, the magenta plum one, with my Bombshell polishes. I guess they gave me an extra polish, rather than the lip crayon. I did send an email, so I’m hoping they’ll get back to me. *They have replied and they’re sending me the magenta plum lip crayon. Yay!


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