September Ipsy 2014

I subscribed to Ipsy, and got my first Glam Bag. And I really love it, so I’m excited.


So first is a lipstick from Hikari. It is in the shade ‘cabernet’ and I think it’s a really nice lipstick. I like the color, and it lasts a long time. It’s not drying, and I’m excited about it.


My second item is from Be a Bombshell, and it’s Smooth Criminal Powder. It’s a finishing/setting powder, which I have never used before. I don’t know much about finishing powders, but I’m happy to get this and try it out. Also, the name makes me think of Michael Jackson.


Then I got a hand cream from Mitchell and Peach. It’s awesome. It smells so good, but not overpowering and I like it a ton. It soaks in pretty quickly and doesn’t leave your hands greasy. I love hand creams.


My fourth item is a Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser from Nourish Organic. I like natural products, so I’m excited to try this. I like that the ingredients are so simple, and pronounceable. It’s cool. It doesn’t have much of a fragrance, and it’s much more watery than I expected.


My last item is a Pacifica 7 Free nail polish, in Red Red Wine. I love the color, it’s an awesome Fall color. It’s wine-y oxblood and really dark and lovely.


Then the make up bag itself is really cute. It looks really cool and metallic silver. And the little studs. I think it’s awesome.



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