Books this week.

I bought a ton of books last week.


I was reading the Abhorsen Chronicles (or the Old Kingdom trilogy) by Garth Nix. It took me a while to read all three. I got them as a three-in-one huge book of 1,224 pages. Now I’m waiting for his new book, Clariel. I’m pretty excited.

They were SO GOOD though. They had been recommended to me before, a few years back but they didn’t really interest me then. Part of me wishes I had read them then, but part of me is happy with reading them for the first time now. Mostly because Sabriel and Lirael are eighteen and nineteen in their stories, and I’m eighteen. In a few aspects it’s more relatable (besides the magic/necromancy), but if I had read them at twelve-fifteen when they were first recommended to me I don’t think I would have connected as well.
But I suck hardcore at actually trying to review things. So I’ll just say, there were some slow parts that I didn’t mind, but some people might not. I think there is enough action to make up for them. And there is some romance (mainly in Sabriel), enough to make me smile, but it’s minor enough that I definitely don’t think it’s off-putting if you don’t like romances. Um… Mogget and the Dog are awesome. So is Sam, I really like him. I don’t know, you should read it. I recommend. I don’t want to spoil. I hate spoilers. No I don’t. But still.

So I’m starting John Green’s Paper Towns. I’m pretty excited. I love John and Hank Green, they’re epic and hilarious. I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars and most of Looking for Alaska (I somehow lost the eBook before I finished it. I can’t find it anywhere.)



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