October BeautyBox5 2014

So I’m posting this late, I got my box almost a week ago now. So sorry about my tardiness.
This month’s theme is ‘effortless allure’.

The first thing in my box is the Chapstick Hydration Lock double-ended lip balm. There’s a renew and a moisture side. It’s pretty good, basic lip balm. The renew side feels slightly rough though, I don’t know if it’s supposed to or if I’m like imagining it though.

IMG_2517.PNG Also there was a coupon.

Then there’s a cheek and lip stain, from Bellapierre. It’s just in pink, which I like. It lasted through out the day when I used it as a cheek stain when I went out last weekend. It didn’t make my cheeks feel dry, or oily. It’s pretty easy to blend with your fingers and I like it. It’s okay as a lip stain. It’s not hydrating or drying, and the color lasts for a maybe a few hours.

IMG_2514.JPG And the swatch on my hand isn’t blended out. Just, sidenote.

Then a beauty tool! Extend Your Beauty, it’s a little spatula thing that you use to get the product at the very bottom and stuff. Never really thought about this, as most of the products I use are samples from different subscription boxes. But it’s cool to have on hand.


Then from Nanacoco (which is still fun to say) I got a nail polish. It’s called Surfer’s Dream. It’s a good color. I always like nail polish, so.


Then my last product is from Lashem, called Picture Perfect. It’s an anti-aging primer. But there is hardly any actual product in the tube. It’s a good size tube, but it’s practically empty. So I am kind of annoyed about that.


Love the Chapstick, nail polish, and the cheek and lip stain. Fascinated by the Beauty Extender thing. Disappointed in the Picture Perfect sample size. Overall, happy.


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