Some Julep polishes.

So this was last week nails.

I did my moms nails and she picked Marla out of the October Julep Maven polishes. She loved it and thought it was a great color.

IMG_2833.JPG I took the picture late, thus the giant chip.

Then I wore Margarita, also a new Julep polish. It almost matched the cover of the book in reading now, The Diviners, by Libba Bray, and it was also close to my phone case. Which made me smile. Because I’m a loser like that.

IMG_2835.JPGAnd sun pic.


Then for Halloween, and pretty much the whole first week of November I wore Casper and Camille. Which was freaking pretty man. They’re both subtle glitters, and the combination looked amazing. In my opinion, anyways.

IMG_2955.JPG I tried to take a sun pic, but because of the glitter they all kind of sucked hardcore.


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