Julep Maven November 2014


Okay November’s collection is “Friendsgiving”! And the new beauty production this month was two different mascaras. Which I didn’t get, even though I love mascara. I was actually going to skip this month because none of the polishes really popped for me, when I went through the Maven Reveal. But I apparently prepaid, so I had to pick something. I didn’t get any add-ons, which I usually do. But, on to the box!

The only polish in this collection that stood out to me was Fazia. I don’t have that many actual reds. (I have a lot pf pinks and blues though.) This one looked really cool, and is described as a “liquid garnet shimmer”. And the shimmer is awesome.


Then I got Kiki. (see, blue?) This one is an “oceanic blue shimmer”. I like the shimmer this month. I just think it’s really pretty.Β IMG_3209.JPG

Then as my third item I got the Rock Star Hand Cream. Because I didn’t like the other polishes, or it looked like something I already own. I do already have one of the hand cremes (Why is there a difference between ‘cream’ and ‘creme’? Does it actually matter?) but it’s really good, so why not.



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