April Julep Maven Box 2015

Okay, this month’s collection is called ‘Paradise’! I actually chose the Modern Beauty box, which is the first time I’ve done that. I think, anyway.
So I got the new Don’t Leave Your Brows At Home, which is an ‘all-in-one’ brow powder and brush. I got the shade Warm Brown. I think they have five shades, which is pretty cool. But also slightly difficult because I don’t know how to really tell still, if I’m a warm or cool toned person… but I just picked Warm Brown. I also got the Iconic Brow, the clear setting brow gel… stuff. Overall, I really like both products. I don’t know what I can say about the Iconic Brow gel, but it does keep my brow all in place and I like the size of the wand/spoolie thing. It’s not minuscule like I’ve seen other gel brow wands be, but not too big to be unwieldy for taming brows. Then Don’t Leave Your Brows At Home is great. I usually use a brow pencil, and have only tried the Nyx Brow Powder- which I don’t really like. But I think this is great. It’s really easy to use and I think the shade matched really well. I still use a spoolie brush to blend, I think I put it on a bit too heavy, so I do have to blend it out. I think with practice I can maybe just use the brush… I don’t know, I kind of like using the spoolie thing. Plus it’s a fun word.

My first polish is Addison, which is a ‘tart lemon creme’. Which is a pretty accurate description. I did three coats, for opacity and to smooth it out. It was a bit patchy, on the second coat. I really like it though. I don’t have many yellows, and this one is nice.

And swatch. It’s not the best, sorry. Taken indoors, with mostly natural

Then we have Danielle, a ‘cerulean wave duochrome’. Which sounds really cool. I don’tknow of any blue-purple waves though… You say ‘wave duochrome’ I think of a green-shifting blue, and Danielle is a purple-shifting blue. But it’s so pretty. I love it. Then again, I’m pretty partial to blues…

I did two thinner coats, and I think it’s just so pretty. I didn’t topcoat. Mostly because I’m lazy and haven’t bought a new bottle and I’m out. 

  I couldn’t really get a good picture of the blue-purple shift. I tried… And it didn’t really work. But here’s a shade shot.   

The last polish is Danica, ‘blue violet iridescent chrome’. It’s almost accurate, there’s blue shimmer but it is definitely more purple. I actually used my mom as a swatch model…
In the sun! 

 and then in the shade, because they look super different! 


Then I got a free add-on, which was one of their lip glosses, in Vivid. Which holy crap, intimidated the hell out of me when I saw it in my box. I mean look at how dark it is in its packaging! Vivid is a really good name!
But after a while of staring at it and having a minor freak out, I finally tried it on my actual lips. And it’s not as dark. I was so relived! It is buildable, though, if I ever magically can do a darker lip, I can make it happen. But not yet. I’m good with thinner, lighter for this one. And it is super hydrating! It’s not super sticky and/or gloopy either. So I’m actually really happy that I got this.

Then, because you know beauty products. Here’s me with both brow products, and the lip gloss. And my super faded pink/orange red hair. But. I like all the products I got this month. I’m really happy.     



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