May Julep Maven Box 2015

The first polish Jessica, which is just a soft baby blue and I like it. The formula was good too, it wasn’t too thick like some Julep polishes are.

Second is Denise, which my mom wore, because it’s purple and she likes purple. It described on the site as ‘purple crocus’. I have no idea how accurate that is, as I don’t know what color crocuses are… But it is super pretty. And also matte, which isn’t on the site description but I don’t mind that it is matte.

Now, Becky! It is described as an “oil slick duochrome” which is mostly accurate, I think. It’s a pretty magical duochrome, all purple and green and stuff. It’s cool. I also like that it’s a silk/matte finish. I would show what it looks like glossy, but I’m still out of topcoat so…Β Β Β Β 

Then we got Lee, which I love. I think it’s super fun and poppy. Got a sun and shade pic. I usually like darker/deeper shades of red, and not bright, more classic reds. But I’m digging Lee a ton!Β Β 

Then, lastly, I give you Spencer! It’s a ‘vintage gold chrome’. I like golds. I don’t like the visible brush strokes of this though. Usually I don’t mind brush strokes, but this time I did. Don’t know why. I still really like the color though. It was a little hard to take a good picture of this one, the reflection is strong…


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