May Reads!

I kind of sucked at reading books this month… at least it feels that way. I read two ebooks, three books, and a graphic novel. 



So I did finish Ash by Malinda Lo. I like the story so much! But I was really slow getting through it.  I also kind of want to read it from Kaisa’s perspective. That’d be interesting. 

I also read The Murder Complex and The Fear Trials by Lindsay Cummings. SO GOOD. I bought The Fear Trials immediately after finishing the The Murder Complex. And as soon as I finished The Fear Trials I preordered The Death Code (which I haven’t started). I really liked it. They were both amazing and awesome. Meadow and Zephyr are great characters. And there were twists. And they were awesome. 

I also FINALLY read Fangirl. I loved everything about Fangirl. I completely related to Cath. I loved Levi and Reagan. I loved Cath’s relationship with Wren. And Nick was a dick, and her fiction writing professor was awesome. I should have read it sooner. But I’m super happy I finally have read it. 

Then I picked up Blue is The Warmerst Color by Julie Maroh. Because I’m tired of it being on my unread shelf. And I want to watch the movie. Even though the movie apparently isn’t very good. Haven’t watched it yet. The graphic novel is great. And sad. And I recommend it. I liked it very freaking much. 

Then I JUST finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I can’t even. I love that book. It is beyond amazing. I am still crying. And I love everything about The Book Thief. It’s perfect. That is all. 

I still haven’t read any more of Angelfall by Susan Ee. Or of James A. Michener’s Hawaii. I might have to officially put Angelfall on my unfinished stack (bringing that stack to a grand total of two books).  I’m just not all that interested by it. 


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