June Julep Maven 2015 

Okay, I got three polishes, and one product this month. I think this month’s collection is called ‘The Deep End’.

My first polish is Lori. It’s a ‘pressed marionberry jelly’. I have no idea what a marionberry is. but this is great. My mom is wearing three coats in the picture below. She’s had it on for two weeks, and has surprisingly minimal tip wear. She loves it, and the color really is great.

Then I give you Tiffany, a ‘pink radish jelly”. I have no experience with radishes… But I think this one is so awesome. It’s three coats in the picture and I loved it. It just looks really cool. But I do think it is more red than pink.

And my last polish, my add-on is Manda. This one is descibed as a ‘sky blue with golden shimmer’ which is completely accurate. I also love this one, I think it’s so pretty. The gold is more of a sheen though. And in the shade is looks kind of sea foam green-ish. It had a weirdly patchy application, despite it having a good formula. I used three coats in the pictures.       

Then I also got their Vanish Cuticle Softener and Remover. I’ve never really used a cuticle anything besides cuticle creams or oils, so I can’t really compare this to anything. I think it works really well, though my cuticles aren’t in bad shape. I’m still figuring out the best way to use it. The consistency is best described as milky, I suppose. But I really like it.  



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