September Reads!

This month was pretty slow for reading. I know after I finished Dark Haven I had a slight book hangover… But I couldn’t really concentrate while reading anything. But I did like everything this month.


Dark Haven by Gail Z. Martin

PJO The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Dark Haven was SO good. It’s the third in the Chronicles of the Necromancer series, so I don’t want to say too much about it, but holy crap so good. If you like high fantasy, with darker aspects, magic, politics, and stories with epic worlds, I HIGHLY recommend this series.

The Titan’s Curse is completely different from Dark Haven. I think it’s my favorite of the PJO series so far. I loved the characters. Thalia was great and I really liked Percy’s relationship with her, and with Artemis’ hunters. And how he was so focused on Annabeth. I’m excited to keep reading.

I’m going to put Hollow City in here even though as I’m writing this I have about seventy pages more. I’m loving this series. The characters are all so great and different, there’s not one of the children I don’t like.


Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard

The Glass House by Suki Fleet

Dirty London by Kelley York

Queen Song was great. I wanted more, when I finished it. It’s about Cal’s mother Coriane starting from before she became queen. I’m excited for Steel Scars and Glass Sword.

The Glass House was amazing. Suki Fleet is one of my favorite authors now. It’s not as amazing as This Is Not A Love Story, but still amazing. It’s about a boy named Sasha who is confidant, but keeps himself apart from everyone and is self-destructive. He spends his time collecting glass for sculptures that he makes. And the only person who tries to talk to him is Thomas, who is shy but sure of himself. And it’s really sad, and emotional. But also happy and adorable. And I totally recommend it.

Then Dirty London is about a girl named London who, by senior year, has perfected the art of flying under the radar. Her mom works two jobs, her younger sister is emotionally unstable, and she’s also gay, and completely okay with that. She decides to join drama club, to get to know the girl, Mara, she’s crushing on. And finds out later that Wade, who’s in their drama group, and one of the most popular boys in school, is gay, but isn’t okay with it and keeping it a secret. He asks her to keep it quiet and if she’ll fake date him. Rumors start flying around about her and Wade, and Mara’s boyfriend and his friends. And the one girl who doesn’t seem to believe any of them. It was really good. Parts of it I didn’t love, but it was really good. It went through the different emotions, thought processes, and situations of various people from London’s perspective. It’s one of the few LGBTQ+ books I’ve read that is lesbian, and I hope I find more soon.


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