What I Read -October!

This month was my worst month for reading this year. I could not concentrate on the words and my brain refused to try at all.

I read three books. Three. 


City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor

Wytches Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder, Jock, Matt Hollingsworth, Clem Robbins

All three were good, and I liked them, but didn’t love any of them.

I think Seeing Redd was my favorite, even if the whole book kind of felt like a stepping stone to get to the third book. Which yeah, is what it is, but I feel like it could’ve been condensed and combined with the third book and it wouldn’t have been as slow. I did like King Arch and Homburg Molly, and a deeper exploration of Hatter Madigan, I loved that he was more than a stoic bodyguard/soldier in this.

City of Ashes was more ehhh than I remember it being back when I first read it. Clary and Jace were a bit annoying with each other with their sibling-not sibling thang. Simon, Alec, and Magnus though, were awesome and hilarious. I did like it, and am looking forward to continuing the series.

Wytches I was expecting to be scarier. It was creepy, and the art was really good. But for the one scary read I actually got through for October, it wasn’t super scary like I was hoping. Especially when the five one line reviews on the back all say how terrifying it is, and Stephen King calls it fabulous and a triumph. But it was a really cool story, that did kinda freak me out. Especially the end. Like. Whoa. 

I started Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and I decided to read along to an audiobook because it was pretty difficult to get through the writing. But doing that feels like I’m back in school and listening to others read aloud and is actually not helping like I would it would. I’m only thirty pages into the actual story, but there’s quite a lot before it starts, about Mary Shelley herself. Anyways, I don’t know how I feel about those thirty pages. I feel like I mostly didn’t fully understand them, and I hate saying that, because I want to read and love Frankenstein. I know if I’m having trouble with it, than I’ll probably have trouble reading most of the other classics that I do really want to read.

I’m also currently reading Unnatural Creatures:Stories Selected by Neil Gaiman. I started it around October 24, and I’m reading it slowly, a story at a time. My favorite so far is either The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees or The Sunbird. The stories are really great though.


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