Top 5 Wednesday – Jan. 6 2016

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog/vlog post created by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey on youtube. There is a new topic every week, and you talk about your Top 5 books based off the topic. You can find the topics over at the Goodreads group if you want to join in, or you can check out other posts and participants at the Complete List of Wednesday-ers.

This weeks topic is your Top 5 Favorite Fandoms! Though I only did four, because I couldn’t think of a fifth that I trulyย love,ย and am still active in.

Potterheads -Harry Potter

Whovians -Doctor Who

Skeleton Clique -Twenty One Pilots

General Book Nerdom

Harry Potter was the first thing I loved on my own. My aunt had given me the books, but no one expected me to read them, and then keep reading them, over and over again. I think it’s physically impossible for me to be ever to say that I don’t love them. Harry Potter was my first fandom, before I knew the word fandom. Online, other Potterheads were the only friends I had for a while. And having those friends, that I made over these books, shaped my life.

As you probably know, when you’re in a fandom, you end up hearing/seeing a lot about other things too. Doctor Who was one of those things for me. Initially, when it popped up on my Harry Potter fan accounts or whatever, it would annoy me. But then I wanted to know what all the freaking jokes were about. So I watched it. And I lovedย it. Talking Doctor Who with other Whovians is so much fun. Theories, backstories, anything pretty much, everyone is so smart and nice.

ย Bandoms count as fandoms, right? I don’t usually consider myself a part of bandoms, I don’t know why really. But Twenty One Pilots is different for me. They didn’t save my life, but I connectย soย deeply with their lyrics. I could listen to any of their songs, at any time, during any mood, and I just feel… I don’t know if better is the right term, but I guess I feel more. And the Skeleton Clique is just so kind, and accepting. I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who was rude or mean on anything talking about them. I love that most of their fans love them so much because of their lyrics, and how they make them feel or think.

General book nerdom counts right, because yes, I love that there are people who geek out over books. I love that there is such a community of us on blogs, booktube, bookstagram, that we can just find each other and be nerdy about books. Any of us could go online and find someone who loves the same books, and talk about it. No one makes fun of you for loving reading. Because everyone else loves it just as much, and they’ll just recommend another book. I love that.


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