Let’s Talk About Trigger Warnings in Books

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trigger warnings

Hello, everyone! Today, I thought Iโ€™d talk to you about something thatโ€™s been under discussion for the past few days, and because itโ€™s a topic involving mental health โ€“ something Iโ€™mย very passionateย about, Iโ€™d thought Iโ€™d write a post discussing my feelings.

Background & Disclaimer

A certain popular and well-known author (who will remain unknown in my writing) recently wrote a blog post about trigger warnings. Now, Iโ€™ll admit that this post is not about the author because I did not read the blog post thoroughly enough to articulate a response, but this post is about the reaction to said post. It is about the comments underneath Authorโ€™s Facebook post, and about the drama that has taken place around social media regarding this topic.

Now, some people may be wondering why Iโ€™m talking about trigger warnings. Do I suffer from mental illness? No, I do not. Has something traumaticโ€ฆ

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One thought on “Let’s Talk About Trigger Warnings in Books

  1. It is an in depth post about it, and there are aspects which I agree with, but being someone with a mental illness, and having trigger warnings sometimes helps. When something comes up unexpectedly, it can damage me and it can last for hours. It isn’t a case of ‘stop reading’, because by then you have already been triggered. Sorry, this is just my personal opinion, and I’d love to hear your take on the matter, extending from what you have written. I do not claim to be experienced on the matter, either.

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