Thoughts: The 2016 Election, the Results, the Meaning of Kindness

This is everything.

I've Moved!


Today is a sad day. It’s a day that has shaken me to the core simply because it was so unexpected, so unthinkable that this would be the result. New York City is overcast, and it is absolutely silent. My little island of Manhattan is one of the most populous, most diverse places in the United States and they voted Blue in an overwhelming majority, but they lost. There are clouds gathered above the Empire State Building, the streets are frighteningly quiet- so much so that the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was, β€œWow, I didn’t wake up even once in the night.” You see, I live on the second floor in a very busy neighborhood in downtown Manhattan, and ever since I moved here, I have woken up – almost every single day – to sounds of raucous laughter, of good-natured shouts, of teenagers…

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